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Top 10 Tips for New Authors

Sure, here’s a condensed version:

As an aspiring author, fuel your writing with passion, drawing readers into a journey of excitement and discovery. Build connections with fellow writers for support and inspiration. Believe in the unique voice and expertise you bring to your craft. Focus on a niche to stand out and connect with your audience. Stay positive and embrace constructive criticism. Remember, effectively marketing your book is as crucial as writing it. Post-publication, continually nurture your book to keep it relevant. Adopt a business mindset to strategically approach your book’s market and audience. Celebrate your unique perspective and don’t shy away from self-promotion, as it’s key to building your reader base. Start building your author’s platform early to establish your presence and create anticipation for your work.

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How High Does Your Elevator Go?

Networking isn’t just buzz; it’s about making real connections. How? Well, the elevator pitch is your quick ticket. It’s like saying, “Hey, this is me, what about you?” But how long should it be? Depends on the vibe and the crowd. Got 30 seconds? Make ’em count. The key? Have different pitches ready for different peeps and places.

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The Beginning of Stories

A long , long time ago, the world was without stories. Winters were cold and when the wind piled the snow against the longhouse, the people were sad. One cold winter day, a young boy went hunting. The snow made the hunting easy...

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