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How do I boost my CV and get a job faster

Looking to get a job faster? Drop the long-winded CV and switch to a resume. Employers want to know what you can do for them now, not your life story. Customize each resume for the job you’re eyeing, using ‘buzz’ words from the job listing. And don’t forget, your LinkedIn should echo your resume but with more detail.

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How can you write on LinkedIn that you were the creator of a company’s department?

Nervous about saying you started a company’s department on LinkedIn? Don’t be. It’s your personal marketing space, so own it. Choose whether you want to speak in the first or third person, then list out key facts about your role, any challenges you overcame, and the impact you made. Testimonials? Even better. Keep it clear and concise.

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How can I ask someone who I previously worked with to refer me for a job at her workplace

Need a job referral from someone you used to work with? Start by catching up, not asking for favors right off the bat. Ask how things are going at her workplace, and maybe get some tips on the job you’re eyeing. If the vibe’s good, she might just become your “inside cheerleader,” making the referral feel natural.

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How Big is Your Sandbox?

Ever feel like a goldfish limited by its tank? Goldfish in small tanks grow to 2-3 inches, but in the wild, they can reach 14 inches. Similarly, we often limit our own potential based on external and internal constraints. Take a step back and ask: Is your environment or mindset holding you back? Expand your “sandbox” and challenge yourself to grow!

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