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A crisis arises when stress intensifies and usual coping skills falter. New or unfamiliar situations can leave individuals feeling overwhelmed, leading to heightened emotions and impaired rational thinking. The absence of support amplifies their distress. Crisis intervention seeks to provide immediate aid, restoring balance when one’s direction seems lost.

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Canadian Thistle or Klingon Death Plant: A Gardener’s Approach to Managing Workplace Conflict

Navigating workplace conflict is much like tending a garden. While roses have beauty, they demand care, and unchecked “Klingon Beasts” can overrun your space. Reflect on your actions: are you nurturing growth or letting threats take root? Harness the Three As: Assessment, Awareness & Action to cultivate a harmonious workspace. Choose purposeful petunias over dominating thistles.

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PROtect Yourself! Calley’s Story: A Bullying in the Workplace Case Study

Healthcare workers face their share of workplace challenges, like the bullying Calley experienced. In a toxic environment, power struggles and cliques can emerge, making newcomers feel ostracized. Through Calley’s story, we see the dire need for proper conflict resolution and unity. Let’s equip ourselves to stand against bullying and foster supportive work environments.

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Feedback from Boss

Balancing intelligence with interpersonal relationships can be challenging. While your team appreciates you, your peers might feel intimidated. Exploring this feedback with your boss and seeking a mentor can be beneficial. Embrace growth, improve relationships, and ensure a harmonious workplace. Remember, understanding and change come in small, intentional steps.

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Company terminated me from work without advising me to bring a support person. Do I have the right to complain to fair work

After a workplace altercation, your employment rights depend on factors like union membership, regional legislation, and company policies. Even if acting in self-defence, some workplaces may have a zero-tolerance policy for violence. Support from unions or a support person during termination might offer limited aid, but understanding local employment standards is crucial.

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Can you call your colleagues after working hours, even if they don’t agree?

Contacting colleagues outside work hours is acceptable unless policies prohibit it. While there can be urgent reasons, like in healthcare, it’s essential to respect boundaries. If someone requests not to be contacted off-duty, it’s best to honor their wishes. Some people value a clear separation between work and personal time.

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