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How do I write a speech about myself in the 3rd person? How would you start off your introduction?

Want to chat about yourself in the 3rd person in a speech? Sounds odd, right? We often find it tricky because it feels like bragging. But, remember, “If you done it, it ain’t bragging!” Starting strong is vital. Introduce yourself with zing to catch attention. For example, “Ever met someone who’s been in a max security hospital? Rae has!” Dive deep into what makes you, YOU. Go on, give it a whirl!

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Media Conference Minutiae … The Art of Delivering an Effective Media Conference: Practical Tips & Techniques

Hosting a successful media conference? Prepare well in advance! Check if your event is truly newsworthy. Remember, media relations isn’t advertising. Develop a targeted media list and send out attention-grabbing invites. On the day, present professionally, anticipate questions, and capture your own photos and videos. After, thank participants and review your event’s effectiveness. Work with media, but remember you can’t control them!

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If you do not toot your own horn then who will?

Promoting yourself can feel awkward, but if you don’t, who will? Remember, sharing your achievements isn’t bragging. To advance in life, we must embrace self-promotion, starting with a solid elevator pitch. Be proactive: teach others how to celebrate your successes. And, promote others too – it’s only fair. Walt Whitman said, “If you done it, it ain’t bragging!”

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