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So You’re Chairing a Committee Meeting: Tips & Techniques for Effective Meeting Management

Chairing a committee meeting effectively requires clear goals, a solid agenda, and accurate minutes. Ensure you’re prepared with a purpose, know your audience, and maintain focus. By managing time, prioritizing topics, and engaging members, you can lead successful, productive meetings. Remember, the goal isn’t just to meet but to achieve and make progress.

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How to Chair a Business Meeting

Chairing a business meeting requires leadership and keen observation. The chairman sets and enforces meeting rules, ensuring discussions remain relevant and respectful. Key practices include starting on time, respecting everyone’s views, and fostering a constructive dialogue. For effective meetings, the chairman must address distractions promptly, keep discussions on track, and manage time efficiently.

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How do You Use the Nominal Group Technique for Prioritizing Ideas

The Nominal Group Technique (NGT) is a structured method to prioritize ideas after brainstorming. It ensures equal contribution from all members and can aid in achieving consensus. The process involves silent idea generation, a round-robin sharing, clarification, and a ranking system. After tallying points, the group discusses the top choices. NGT is more than just voting; it facilitates focused group discussion.

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