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How High Does Your Elevator Go?

Networking isn’t just buzz; it’s about making real connections. How? Well, the elevator pitch is your quick ticket. It’s like saying, “Hey, this is me, what about you?” But how long should it be? Depends on the vibe and the crowd. Got 30 seconds? Make ’em count. The key? Have different pitches ready for different peeps and places.

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How can I ask someone who I previously worked with to refer me for a job at her workplace

Need a job referral from someone you used to work with? Start by catching up, not asking for favors right off the bat. Ask how things are going at her workplace, and maybe get some tips on the job you’re eyeing. If the vibe’s good, she might just become your “inside cheerleader,” making the referral feel natural.

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How am I supposed to Network if I am shy and socially anxious and avoid social events?

Think you’re too shy for networking? You’re not alone; over half of North Americans feel the same. Tech and changing family dynamics haven’t helped. But hey, shyness isn’t a life sentence; it’s just undeveloped social skills. You can work on it. Remember, if you’re not networking, you’re not working. So, it’s time to tackle that shyness.

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