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Canadian Thistle or Klingon Death Plant: A Gardener’s Approach to Managing Workplace Conflict

Navigating workplace conflict is much like tending a garden. While roses have beauty, they demand care, and unchecked “Klingon Beasts” can overrun your space. Reflect on your actions: are you nurturing growth or letting threats take root? Harness the Three As: Assessment, Awareness & Action to cultivate a harmonious workspace. Choose purposeful petunias over dominating thistles.

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PROtect Yourself! Calley’s Story: A Bullying in the Workplace Case Study

Healthcare workers face their share of workplace challenges, like the bullying Calley experienced. In a toxic environment, power struggles and cliques can emerge, making newcomers feel ostracized. Through Calley’s story, we see the dire need for proper conflict resolution and unity. Let’s equip ourselves to stand against bullying and foster supportive work environments.

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