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Do you accept connection invitations from strangers on LinkedIn? Why or why not?

Accepting LinkedIn invites from strangers? It’s a maybe for me. First, do I know them? If not, are they connected to people I know? No again? Then do we share interests? If they pass my vibe check, sure, we connect. But if they scream “spam alert,” it’s a no-go. Don’t stress too much about “malicious” folks; they can find you elsewhere anyway.

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Can you do too much networking?

Networking’s not just schmoozing at events; it’s a mix of activities from research to providing value. But don’t forget, if all you’re doing is networking, you’re ignoring other parts of running your business. It’s all about balance. Too much networking? Yeah, it’s possible if it gets in the way of actually doing your job.

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What is the best self-introduction?

The best self-introduction is one you’re comfortable with and suits the situation. From business meetups to social gatherings, tailor your intro to fit. Aim for a quick snapshot that sparks curiosity, inviting questions and deeper conversation. Having multiple versions ready to go helps you adapt on the fly, making you a networking pro.

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